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Hela Curry-Gewürzketchup, delikat Knorr Salatkrönung 7-Kräuter RitterSport Alpenmilch
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Our  German Deli Warehouse Shop situated in Unit 1, Hamlet Industrial Estate, 96 White Post Lane, London E9 5EN is now open to the public. There you will get our entire range of goods, as well as fresh baked bread, cakes and pastry from our on-site bakery. Snacks and soft drinks for consumption on the 1 are also on offer. We are only a short 5 minute walk from Hackney Wick Station and there is plenty of parking outside the shop. We are looking forward to your custom!

If you are out and about in London and fancy a Thuringian sausage cooked by us you can do that on one of the street markets we attend: Every Monday to Saturday @ Borough Market, Thursdays & Fridays @ Whitecross Street Market and finally Saturdays @ Broadway Market.

Our  office number is 020 8985 8000!

Our German Deli Facebook page is currently liked by 2330 and our Twitter account as Thegermandeli has 420 followers. Surely we should have more followers? But then surely we should tweet more! About what, though? Milchschnitte currently sold out? Fleischsalat back in stock next Wednesday? What suggestions do you have to improve both our Facebook page and our Twitter account? Please send an email to German Deli!


It is important to note that the shops might not stock all the products that are available through the website! If it is a particular product you are after please check the availability with us beforehand and we can ensure it is available for you in the shop.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their business. Our customer base is still expanding and so is our product range! We have been able to add a large number of new products to the website during the course of the year, including a lot of products you have asked for through our Contact Form. If your particular request has not been added yet, send us a reminder and we will see, if can add your product as well.

If you have any suggestions please let us know through our "Wunschzettel/Contact Form" or send an email to German Deli.

London, 7th January 2014

Your German Deli Team,
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